Sahil Bajaj

Hi! I’m a programmer living on the sunny/rainy island of Singapore. I work at ThoughtWorks and also co-organise the local Git and Hack && Tell meetups.

Besides my longstanding interest in technology, I find linguistics, typography, and people highly interesting. I often think about the intersection between psychology, philosophy and computing, and about how programming and education can be enriched.

I’ve lived in a few different places: I grew up in Delhi and moved to Singapore in 2010. While in university, I stayed in Norway for a semester — a place I still haven't gotten over.

A short list of some of my favourites includes J R R Tolkien, The Matrix, and Iron Maiden. I love languages, mountains, books, cameras, and table tennis.

I find “about me”s incredibly challenging to write, so if you want to know more, visit my blog or drop me an email!